8 January 2018: The Bodacious Bodach (Reversed)

Good morning,

Today I am feeling flat right now. I don’t know if it is because I battled to sleep last night, or if it is something more. So this morning I didn’t have a specific question for the Faery Oracle, it was more a general thought of what I need to know right now.

Without referring to the manual, there are two things that have struck me:

Firstly, the Bodach is a faery challenger and secondly a snippet of a Terry Pratchett novel, where one of the characters is described as being very good at get in the way of their own happiness. So, for me I think here I need to just paying attention to him being ready to spring to remind myself to actually not get in my own way.

From the manual:

Actually, the Bodach is one of the brownies, who mostly are helpful little spirits around the house. Every little once in a while, his essential brownie nature breaks through and he does truly helpful things.When he doe this, reward him — or whoever it is in your life who normally gets it wrong and just this once has got it right. Gratitude and praise are in order. Maybe he’ll even get it right next time, too.

We are in the process of organizing the house, moving things around and letting go of things that are clutter rather than adding value to our lives (considering the fact that our house has stuff from my parents, and even some things from my grandparent’s this is a mammoth task), and I think it might be worth remembering the Bodach’s brownie nature here and not getting caught up in worst case scenarios and actually welcoming help.

Love and tiredness,

16 November: Epona’s Wild Daughter

Hello computer,

Yesterday when I drew my card was Dorcha again I let out a sigh. She and I have a positive relationship but her  appearance always means that I have work to do.

The first step in solving any problem is to define it…Epona’s Wild Daughter tells us that the answers are within ourselves.

My biggest challenge at the moment is to figure out what I want to achieve and how I am going to get there.

I don’t have the answers but I do have the question and that is a start.

Love and questions,

11 November: The Fee Lion

Hello computer,

It has been a week since you and I last spoke. Time certainly does fly. Today’s faery is the Fee Lion, another one of the Faery Challengers and he is reminding me that I need to keep my promises and honour the commitments that I have made to myself and to others.

I suppose a good first step would be making a list of those commitments and then actually doing them…and so I think that is what I am going to do. Some of the list is not for internet consumption…it involves interactions with other people and hence it is not my story to share but I can tell you that I have two commitments to myself:

  1. To start a vegetable garden
  2. To write a WordPress theme from scratch.

Well, I need to be offski to get on with what I need to do.

Love and promises,

4 November: The Pook

Good morning,

This morning’s faery is the Pook (we have been having lots of chats lately). One of the Faery Challengers, he is a shape shifter and his presence is telling me to see things the way that they are. People are subject to confirmation biases and the Pook is adept at using our biases and unthinking patterns against us.

Today I need to make sure that I step back and truly listen to people taking care to make sure that I am not getting in my own way.

Love and listening,

28 October: The Pook (Reversed)

Good morning,

Today’s faery is the Pook standing on his head. The Pook is a shape changer who challenges us to see things the way that they really truly are. It is his job to remind us that there are very few absolutes. He is about all the colours in the spectrum rather than black and white.

Today Mr. Pook is reminding me to be mindful. Mindfulness is about accepting the reality that is, not the reality that we want to be. By engaging with that reality we are able to be positive from a place of truth. The other day on Facebook, Jessica Macbeth, the author of the Faeries Oracle guidebook wrote:

You know, people are always saying “Be positive!” and expecting others to always smile and never complain. That isn’t ‘being positive’ — it’s being false. First, BE REAL. See what is really so — that isn’t easy and it takes a lot of practice. Then once you begin to see what is real, see the best and the worst in it, see if you can’t do something to improve the worst and do something to bring out and empower the best. Now *that* is being positive and it is based on being real. It has power. It changes the world, hopefully for the better.

I am busy reading the book Radical Acceptance where Tara Brach argues that true acceptance requires two things: mindfulness (seeing things the way that they really are) and compassion. And I believe that this is the message that the Pook is reminding me of today…to work with the world as it is, and to be compassionate with everyone.

Love and acceptance,

27 September: Epona’s Wild Daughter

Good evening,

This morning I drew Dorcha again.  I find her presence intimidating… The harbinger of big realizations and the acknowledgement of messy truths.

I am not exactly sure what the truths are… But I will figure them out,  the answer to the riddle is much simpler when you know what the question is.

Love and puzzles,

Why not try to reach a point of empathy?

20 September: Epona’s Wild Daughter (Reversed)

Good evening,

Today I drew a card this evening…a busy day and an early start this morning to go and visit the Maropeng Homo Naledi exhibit. Dorcha is a faery who I am familiar with. She means messy work. The guidebook says:

In the bleakest part of the night, Dorcha comes, wearing her crown of faery stars. She kneels on the ancient owl, bearer of hidden wisdom of the night, and facing into the past with a clear, unflinching gaze, she holds us. We are held immobile, inwardly focused by her comforting yet implacable light filled hands.

Dorcha is the Wild Daughter of Epona, Lady of the Horse and the Moon, and she takes us through the dark, hidden side of ourselves and into healing and fulfillment. From the temporary madness of rage, premenstrual tension, or great stress to the deeper and longer psychoses, she drives us on the journey through our internal hells. When we complete the journey, we are transfigured and transformed, transcending our old selves. We can never be frightened by that darkness again, whether our own or that of others but until that journey is fully complete, we exist in a state of vulnerability — which is where most of us are most of the time.

Dorcha reminds us that we cannot go forward until we have faced something buried within us that is holding us back. She urges us to heal the unresolved issues about who we really are and what we truly want to be.

Dorcha’s presence is complicated and confusing. She is a very challenging Faery. She reminded me of a post I wrote three years ago about embarking on the challenge of watching my thoughts, words and deeds. I have made progress on my journey but there is still work to be done. And there is aid that will be given along the way.

I asked about the aid and I drew the Singer of Courage (also reversed) and here the meaning of courage is clear to me. Courage is not the absence of fear…it is the acknowledgement of fear and continuing on anyway. In the guide, Jesa says:

The question then becomes “What can I do to open my heart to courage so when I feel fear, I can follow through on what I want and need to do.”

I think that sums it up quite nicely.

Love and continuing,

16 September:The Fee Lion


Today’s card is the Fee Lion. And today he talks to me about following through.
Yesterday’s card sent me into a spin where I was inclined to spin on my own confusion… Today the Fee Lion is reminding me to just do the little things that together build the big things.  Honouring my commitments to myself.

He says that we can’t expect to have things go right when we are trailing so much unfinished business behind us. Dragging the stuff around tires us; it uses up energy that we need for other things.

I was confused and dazed yesterday and spinning on my heels.  The Fee Lion is all about getting the little things out of the way so I can give my energies to the things that I want to achieve.

Love and tidying up,

10 September: The Bodacious Bodach (Reversed)

Good morning,

Today’s faery card is confusing. It is Mr. Bodach who is all about meddling and things going a bit wrong. The reversed card suggests that this is not occurring. In fact, the entire reversed starter reading says:

Actually, the Bodach is one of the brownies, who mostly are helpful little spirits around the house. Every little once in a while, his essential brownie nature breaks through and he does truly helpful things. When he does this, reward him — or whoever it is is in your life who normally gets it wrong and just this once has got it right. Gratitude and praise are in order. Maybe he’ll even get it right next time, too.

The thing is I have no idea who the card could be referring to, unless it is me and that opens up a whole different level of confusion and fear and ambivalence.

In a fit of confusion I have just drawn an additional card: The Singer of Transfiguration which is also reversed (I made sure that my deck was not upside down now). And the Singer of Transfiguration even in the reversed position signifies is a jackpot. I suspect that the card was referring to me and I don’t know how I feel about it. I don’t think of myself as a meddler, but then do any of the meddlers? Perhaps this card is pointing at me to be mindful and make sure that I don’t fall into a pattern of co-dependent enabling.

Love and caution,

1 September: Luathas the Wild

Good morning,

This is the third time that I am attempting to write this entry. The first time Lucas decided that he had enough play time and came and fetched me so that we would go outside, and when we came inside he kept pressing the disconnected alarm buttons. A few minutes ago I started a new attempt when Lucas was sitting on my lap. He started playing with the cards — throwing them onto the floor before going down to join them. He is now back in my lap having some milk.

The Faery cards are numbered, and the numbers sometimes mean something and sometimes they don’t. Today, the number was significant. Because Luathas is the very next card in the deck after Mr. Gloominous Doom. Luathas is the wild energy that can keep going faster and faster until we spin out of control. It is our challenge to recognize that we need to take breaks, slow down. But we should also take advantage of the creative energy that Mr Luathas brings into the world.

The line that struck me most in the guidebook is:

 New approaches are called for here.

And so, today I need to focus on working creatively and making sure that I do not get lost in old habits and thought patterns that no longer serve.

Love and challenges,

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