21 December 2017: The Singer of the Chalice (Reversed)

Hello again,

Today I decided to draw a Faery Oracle card asking what should I mindful of as I go about my day, and I drew a reversed card. With this particular group of cards (the Singers), a reverse card generally indicates getting in the way of one’s own happiness by blocking something positive. (This fits in with yesterday’s post about feeling resentful about doing things that are actually part of my character, whether they have been nurtured/socialized into it or are part of my inherent nature is irrelevant for the purpose of this exercise.)

This Singer holds the Chalice from which a rainbow of energies pours like the richest wine.

The guidebook points out that the intertwined energies of the Chalice have characteristics of trust, joy, patience, hope, creativity and miracles. The patience associated with the Chalice is the joyful, loving willingness to wait for a process to bring us to where we want to be. It contains trust and love and a special quality of expectant gratitude within it.

The reverse guide says:

Trust is what enables us to be open to other parts of the song of the Singer of the Chalice. Without enough trust in the process to open our hearts, we close ourselves off from the Singers and the song, decreasing the amount of all those other powers and energies that we allow to flow through us.  … When we perceive the song of this Singer to be muted, its Chalice to be dry, it is only that we need to ask ourselves, “Why not?”; then, don’t even try to answer that — just open our heart’s door.

The cynical, skeptical person in me is always looking for a reason to doubt clusters of cards like this. The way that this is just a specific form of confirmation bias.  Another part of me doesn’t care, and is a big believer of taking the wisdom where I find it, and using whatever tools there are available and admitting that part of the joy of the universe is that we don’t know how much we don’t know.

I am happy to take the wisdom and do my best to open my heart today.

I saw a post on Facebook that said that the first piece of music you hear for the day sets the tone. So I chose a trip of nostalgia and just watched: (This was part of my morning ritual when I lived in Costa Rica)

Love and an open heart,

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