8 January 2018: The Bodacious Bodach (Reversed)

Good morning,

Today I am feeling flat right now. I don’t know if it is because I battled to sleep last night, or if it is something more. So this morning I didn’t have a specific question for the Faery Oracle, it was more a general thought of what I need to know right now.

Without referring to the manual, there are two things that have struck me:

Firstly, the Bodach is a faery challenger and secondly a snippet of a Terry Pratchett novel, where one of the characters is described as being very good at get in the way of their own happiness. So, for me I think here I need to just paying attention to him being ready to spring to remind myself to actually not get in my own way.

From the manual:

Actually, the Bodach is one of the brownies, who mostly are helpful little spirits around the house. Every little once in a while, his essential brownie nature breaks through and he does truly helpful things.When he doe this, reward him — or whoever it is in your life who normally gets it wrong and just this once has got it right. Gratitude and praise are in order. Maybe he’ll even get it right next time, too.

We are in the process of organizing the house, moving things around and letting go of things that are clutter rather than adding value to our lives (considering the fact that our house has stuff from my parents, and even some things from my grandparent’s this is a mammoth task), and I think it might be worth remembering the Bodach’s brownie nature here and not getting caught up in worst case scenarios and actually welcoming help.

Love and tiredness,

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