27 September: Epona’s Wild Daughter

Good evening,

This morning I drew Dorcha again.  I find her presence intimidating… The harbinger of big realizations and the acknowledgement of messy truths.

I am not exactly sure what the truths are… But I will figure them out,  the answer to the riddle is much simpler when you know what the question is.

Love and puzzles,

Why not try to reach a point of empathy?

26 September: Ta’Om the Poet (Reversed)

Good morning,

Today’s faery card is Ta’Om the Poet but he is head over heels. Ta’Om is a story teller and in order to tell stories, one needs to pay attention, and see the world as it really is.
He speaks to me of the fact that you cannot discover stories when wrapped in one’s own little world…you need to open your eyes.

Terry Pratchett, in the thoughts of Tiffany Aching in the Wee Free Men says:

The secret is not to dream … The secret is to wake up. Waking up is harder. I have woken up and I am real. I know where I come from and I know where I’m going. You cannot fool me anymore. Or touch me. Or anything that is mine.”
I’ll never be like this again, she thought, as she saw the terror in the Queen’s face. I’ll never again feel as tall as the sky and as old as the hills and as strong as the sea. I’ve been given something for a while, and the price of it is that I have to give it back.

And the reward is giving it back, too. No human could live like this. You could spend a day looking at a flower to see how wonderful it is, and that wouldn’t get the milking done. No wonder we dream our way through our lives. To be awake, and see it all as it really is … no one could stand that for long.

After we are awake, part of our challenge is to tell our stories…to bring them back into the world in the way that makes sense. Ta’Om is reminding me to be properly awake, he is warning me against sleep walking and wondering blind through the world, missing out on the amazing stories that are all around. The connections that we can make.

Love and stories,

25 September: Spirit Dancer


This morning I drew a faery card but life got crazy (in a good kind of way…) before I got to blog about it. The Spirit Dancer, is one of the Sidhe who helps us with expressing ourselves. A topic which follows on very nicely on yesterday’s theme of communication, doesn’t it.

In the guidebook, it is pointed out that Perfection is the death of the Spirit Dancer. In You Can Heal Your Life Louise Hay says “We are meant to be different. When we can accept this, then there is no competition and no comparison.” Perfection comes from comparing what we have created with what we believe that we should create…often on a first attempt without making any mistakes, but mistakes are how we create.

The Spirit Dancer invites us to act on our ideas of one day I will, and bring them into the present. To take the risk of creating something and putting it into the wild.

Love and creativity,

24 September: Arval Parrot


Today’s faery is Arval Parrot of the Help-Line Troupe. He reminds me about the importance of communication:
Listening clearly with an open heart and good faith and speaking truthfully, and not playing word games when they will get in the way of the clear understanding.

Love and simple meanings,

23 September: Vernal Equinox reading

Today is the spring equinox. The day when light and dark are in balance. It is a time for us to confront our inner darkness and choose what we want to bring into the light.  It is a time for spring-cleaning the soul and the physical.

Changing yourself requires courage — it also requires you to be honest, generous, compassionate and patient with yourself.
~ Phyliss Currot in Witch Crafting: A spiritual guide to making magic

Honesty reminds us not only to be clear in what we say and do, but also to act and speak with compassion and tact. Brutal honesty is usually not true honesty at all but is somehow slanted toward the worst.

I have decided that it makes sense to look at where I would like to be one year from now, after all…if I don’t know where I want to go, I cannot figure out how to get there. One year from now I would like to have a thriving business creating websites which helps people to share their stories and knowledge. And also showcases special memories in the form of slideshow movies.
Because this is a big picture I have decided to try a Celtic Cross layout:

  1. Present: Reversed Gloominous Doom  (a Faery Challenger)
  2. Influence: The UnDressing of a Salad (a Faery Guide and Guardian)
  3. Past issues: The Lady of the Harvest (one of the Sidhe)
  4. Immediate past: Reversed The Journeyman (another of the Sidhe)
  5. Thoughts: The Master Maker (another of the Sidhe)
  6. Immediate future: O! That Gnome (yet another of the Sidhe)
  7. Fears: Reversed Arval Parrot (one of the Help-line Troupe)
  8. Environmental factors: Reversed Laiste Moon’s daughter (another Faery Guide and Guardian)
  9. Hopes: Geeeeeooo the Slow (another Help-line Troupe faery)
  10. Outcome: He of the Fiery Sword (a Singer)

Gloominous Doom is the faery of self-pity, he is a cute faery with large sorrowful eyes and his challenge to us is to avoid wallowing in self-pity, self-destruction and self-defeat. His presence is always cautionary. But as a reversed faery he speaks of taking care of ourselves…doing the things that we know we need to do, that aren’t necessarily exciting: making sure that we eat our vegetables and brush our teeth, making our bed every day, honouring our commitments to ourselves and living as though we are worthy…because we are.

The UnDressing of a Salad speaks of impossibility, and of the constant balancing of many balls. The truth is we are seldom given the opportunity to focus on a single thing in life, there will always be distractions but what we can do is make a list of all of our balls and then focus on the one that is in play, before rolling it on and paying attention to the next thing.  And this is what Adroito is telling me: There is lots in play, do one thing at at a time and it will all come together.

The Lady of the Harvest speaks of completion of letting things go.  Cleaning a house requires that you work one little bit at a time: taking out some trash from each room…it does not require huge emotional investment when you throw away the rubbish…you can simply let it go. “There are things that make us lighter and happier when we release them — old traumas, tasks, or stages in our lives that we are glad to have finished, unhappy relationships or feelings that cause us pain and inhibit our growth. Sometimes we simply comfortably finish with one aspect of our lives and move onto the next, happily anticipated one.” I believe that here the Lady of the Harvest is simply speaking to me about acknowledging that everything that has happened up until now has happened…I cannot control it nor change it, but I can accept the gifts of the growth that it has given me and how it has shaped me.

The Journeyman in a reversed position speaks of delaying a journey…possibly because of our fear. “If you are satisfied that the journey is in the right direction for you, prepare for it carefully and, once you have done so, go for it. Waiting will not make it any easier. If it is just fear holding you back, take a long draught from the Chalice of Courage and step out boldly.” This is an incredibly appropriate card, indicating what is in the immediate past. Not having taken the step. As I have mentioned I am nervous but anxiety is not an excuse for inaction.

The Master Maker speaks of putting one’s heart and soul into an enterprise. “The Master maker is the master of the forge upon which we create our futures and forge our own souls.” The solver of practical problems he speaks of attention to details and that “No job is too small to do beautifully”.

Bringing ideas into excellently crafted reality can only be done when we, like the Master Maker, are willing to plan meticulously, begin carefully, and persevere through difficulties, learning still more of our craft as we work. Craftsmanship is also a labor of love. We must be willing to tackle difficult challenges and have a determination to surpass previous achievements. Patience is always required as is the willingness to do a thing again and again until it is even better than the best one can do.

I cannot think of a more auspicious card in the position…clearly my head is in the right place. Now it is just to make sure that I implement beautifully.

O! That Gnome indicates the presence of creative chaos, in the guidebook, the starter reading says that “it is time to leap into the air, letting the earth turn beneath you, and discover where you come down again. Reasonable risks are okay. Even unreasonable risks are probably okay. Use your head and look before you leap, of course, but do so understanding that the actual jump is likely to be very rewarding. No guarantees, but then there never really are anyway, no matter how pretty the paper they may seem to be printed on and the scrollwork around the edge.” Here is a time to go for it. I cannot predict what the rewards may be but doing nothing changes nothing.

Arval Parrot being on his head in the position of my fears. The guidebook says: “Communications are blocked.” and “Useful information held in silence benefits no one and may harm the situation.” One of the things that I am afraid of now, is being a busy-body and telling people something that they do not want to know. Here, Arval is telling me to get over myself. Honest information communicated with good intentions is not harmful. Knowledge shared is a good thing.

The opposite of riddles is clarity, and here the reversed Sphinx is speaking clearly, she is telling me to be aware of my environment. She advises not to demand super-human perfection of myself or others…to allow us to do our best and make the mistakes on the way to mastery. I once read that having a black belt did not mean that the martial artist was never going to make mistakes again but rather that they had mastered the basics…and this is what Laiste is talking about here.

Geeeeeooo the Slow speaks of everything progressing the way that it is meant to, in it’s proper place and it’s proper pace. Slowly and steadily the continents drift shaping the world making big changes. Here the hopes are pretty big and I would love it to all proceed according to it’s natural order.

In the possible outcome slot I drew my first Singer, He of the Fiery Sword: A Singer of action. The guidebook says: “We can call upon the master of the fiery sword when we have difficult things to do, when we need to take action that is going to require much of us, both in will and in compassion.” His presence indicates doing what needs to be done with love.  The presence of this Singer indicates that there is work to be done. That it will not be easy and without mistakes but that it will be worthwhile.

This was quite an in depth reading and that I believe is reasonable…I did ask for a year’s worth of insight. But  it is a lot to take in, and so I am going to draw a single card asking what to focus on until the 31 October the next major holiday…the festival of Beltane when the potential becomes the real. And another to help me to define a smaller chunk of my goal.

For my focus card I drew Indi, one of the Faery Challengers, who speaks about making a decision and following through with action. So in this case it is pretty clear, focus on taking action…nice clear direction.
And as to what portion of the goal I should be working on a Collection of Pixies, a group of Faeries who belong in the Help-Line Troupe signifies joyful collaborations.

Love and equinox blessings,

23 September: Penelope Dreamweaver (Reversed)

Good morning and happy equinox day!

Today’s faery is Penelope Dreamweaver, coming with a caution…telling me not to hold on too tightly, to trust the creative process. Creativity is a function of both knowledge and experimentation. I am afraid of experimentation…I can encourage it in others but I will always give reasons why I should be different and therefore not require multiple attempts and practice and effort to get it right…Setting up very high expectations.

I am busy reading a no-holds barred book by John Carlton, the Entrepreneur’s Guide to getting your shit together, and in it he makes the point that none of us are that special…we are all susceptible to the same human weakness as the rest of humanity. Yet, by expecting perfection without work…that is claiming a very special super-power.

I believe that Penelope is giving me the message that I should do the work but leave room for happy accidents of creativity and connections.

Love and dreamweaving,

22 September: Laiste, Moon’s Daughter

Good morning,

Today’s faery card is another Sphinx, Dorcha’s sister.

There are places in ourselves that we may have feared because they are shadowed and unknown. We may imagine them full of monsters when, in fact, they are inhabited by joyful spirits. She wishes us to explore this terra incognita because that is where much of our potential and as yet unexplored wisdom lies.

Laiste wants us to trust the process.

Doing the work and putting one foot in front of another is scary, especially since there is so much that is unknown. But that is okay. I will just keep showing up and learning from my mistakes… Now is not the time for me to get seduced by wanting to know more. Now is a time for action. Scary though it may be. There are people and spirits who are helping me along the way.

Love and trusting the process,

21 September: The Lady of The Harvest

Good morning,

I am feeling nervous today. Today is a day where I am starting with new things and taking risks and I have a tight stomach with butterflies flittering around in them.
I have help with my toddler which means that I can put my energy into getting my business started and going. It is exciting and terrifying in equal measure. But it is time.
The Lady of the Harvest is a particularly auspicious card in these circumstances because she is about completion and following through and reaping what I have sewn. So today it is all about planting some seeds and tending to them.

Love and progress,

20 September: Epona’s Wild Daughter (Reversed)

Good evening,

Today I drew a card this evening…a busy day and an early start this morning to go and visit the Maropeng Homo Naledi exhibit. Dorcha is a faery who I am familiar with. She means messy work. The guidebook says:

In the bleakest part of the night, Dorcha comes, wearing her crown of faery stars. She kneels on the ancient owl, bearer of hidden wisdom of the night, and facing into the past with a clear, unflinching gaze, she holds us. We are held immobile, inwardly focused by her comforting yet implacable light filled hands.

Dorcha is the Wild Daughter of Epona, Lady of the Horse and the Moon, and she takes us through the dark, hidden side of ourselves and into healing and fulfillment. From the temporary madness of rage, premenstrual tension, or great stress to the deeper and longer psychoses, she drives us on the journey through our internal hells. When we complete the journey, we are transfigured and transformed, transcending our old selves. We can never be frightened by that darkness again, whether our own or that of others but until that journey is fully complete, we exist in a state of vulnerability — which is where most of us are most of the time.

Dorcha reminds us that we cannot go forward until we have faced something buried within us that is holding us back. She urges us to heal the unresolved issues about who we really are and what we truly want to be.

Dorcha’s presence is complicated and confusing. She is a very challenging Faery. She reminded me of a post I wrote three years ago about embarking on the challenge of watching my thoughts, words and deeds. I have made progress on my journey but there is still work to be done. And there is aid that will be given along the way.

I asked about the aid and I drew the Singer of Courage (also reversed) and here the meaning of courage is clear to me. Courage is not the absence of fear…it is the acknowledgement of fear and continuing on anyway. In the guide, Jesa says:

The question then becomes “What can I do to open my heart to courage so when I feel fear, I can follow through on what I want and need to do.”

I think that sums it up quite nicely.

Love and continuing,

19 September: Sylvanius


I am in a rush this morning, but some things are important and so I am doing a faery card in any case. I am going to just breathe and listen for a few moments.  Today a guide and guardian is coming to visit…speaking of truth and the importance of knowing who I am. Of course I am consistently changing…everyone is. Our choice and our challenge is to decide how much we are going with the flow and how much we are taking responsibility.
Taking responsibility is scary. Reality is scary, but it is also amazing.

The guidebook says:

Currently, both Faery and this world are functioning as a giant mirror in which we see ourselves in many surprising ways. People tend to dread this because we assume that we are worse than we think we are, but this far from necessarily true. Now is a time for finding out the false and misleading beliefs that you have accepted and discovering that you are a better person than you thought — and have the potential to accomplish more than you believed you could.

Love and discoveries,

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