14 April: Ffaff the Ffooter


Today’s faery follows on yesterday’s faery. Number 58 in the deck following on number 57. I think that this is significant but I am not sure how.

Ffaff is all about making sure that we are grounded, and staying centered. So now it is a case of making sure that I keep my feet on the ground while still taking each next step forward.

Love and grounding,


UPDATE: 15 April

I figured out the significance, yesterday’s guidebook message was not the message that Ffaff was trying to convey to me. He was trying to tell me that I should remember that I need to keep taking the next steps in order to create the culture that we want in our house. That our noble goal needs action as well…and that each of the actions need to be followed through.

13 April: Luathas the Wild

Good morning,

Luathas tells us:

…that it is important to think and act creatively. New approaches are called for here. Old ideas and old behaviours will not do it.

I have been watching quite a few TED talks of late and one in particular got me thinking about the culture that I want to create.

I just looked up the word create and one thing immediately struck me. It is a verb. Verbs are our doing words. We cannot sit passively by we need to go and make things happen.

So my end goal is to create a culture in my home:

  • That is loving — where the people who enter experience that they are in a place of intrinsic worthiness, just as they are.
  • Where we can all learn.
  • A kind culture – where we are gentle with ourselves and with others.
  • A healthy culture – where our habits are both physically and mentally healthy.
  • A space where people feel safe.
  • A space where people can grow.
  • A place where people feel appreciated.

In order to do this I will need to break some old habits and get into some new behaviors. But it is definitely going to be worth it.

Love and creation,

12 April: Ta’Om the Poet or Life is not about a grade


Lately my gremlins have been working really hard at making me feel as though that I have wasted my life and have achieved nothing and that I have failed at life. (That is an interesting notion, that somehow we can fail at life, that life is something where we have to do certain things by a certain time and if not we have failed…rather than life being a musical journey where we are supposed to dance along the way).

Ta’Om has a poetic spirit, which involves much more than just the writing of rhymes. It is about being able to see things as they really are, and in that reality to recognize all beauty, even the beauty of necessity and difficulty. This is not an unthinking, reflexive, immature, “everything is for for the best” attitude, but an understanding of the beauty of what we learn from joy and sorrow, from ease and hardship, from pain and pleasure.

Some of the fruits of my journey so far are difficult to see and define. I have come out the tunnel of mental illness stronger, able to keep on fighting. I have shown people that they can keep on fighting too by my actions. I have chosen a good man to be my partner and we have a wonderful son together. There are things that I have not yet achieved and I am not entirely sure what the big picture that I want to achieve with my life is. But  that does not mean that I have a failure grade for life. It rather means that for now I have not achieved those things YET.


11 April 2015: Mikle a Muckle


I have been battling a bit lately. So Mikle a Muckle turning up with his reminder of renewing the spirit and re-creating the body and emotions is perhaps very apt.

The guidebook points out that:

When we stop pretending to be adults for a moment, stop trying to live up to some impossible and probably boring standard, we can regain the clear, direct vision of a child. We can, like Mikle, see things as they really are, and we can focus on the present moment, which is our only place of power. Here and now is where we can do things, change things, and enjoy real things instead of mere ideas and dreams. Mickle reminds us that the past is past, gone forever, the future is just a dream, and now is the only time we have moment by moment.

I guess my bigger picture question is what do I want to do, who do I want to become? Because it is by answering these questions that I will be able to decide and open myself up to the magical places that are all around me and embark on the adventure of being me.

Love and muddling along,

10 April: The Master Maker

Good morning,

The Master Maker is the master of the forge, upon which we create our futures and forge our own souls.

A recurring theme at the moment seems to be the creation of my own life. As I mentioned yesterday I have been watching some talks by Ken Robinson, where he emphasises that we create our own lives in response to our circumstances (and a number of those are self-created).

While I am not sure what I want to create the message that I am getting is to remember that I have a great deal of control about what I do in the circumstances. And I think that is worth remembering.

Love and creation,

9 April 2015: The Faun

Today’s faery is the Faun, all about natural magic. In the guidebook Jessica Macbeth writes:

Natural magic is simple. We are full of it – and the more we are true to our own nature, the more we have access to our own magic.

I have been watching a number of talks by Sir Ken Robinson, and one of his most common themes is the fact that life is not linear, but rather organic and that we keep creating it in response to the present circumstances.

I am not sure where my true nature is at the moment. I have changed from a couple of years ago. I need to discover who I am. Perhaps it is part exploration and part creation.

I am in a period of incubation, at a stage where as Lucas becomes more content to play independently that I can start paying attention to what I want to develop and grow in order to create my life.

Of course, I am not sure what I want to create, so perhaps it might be appropriate to take a spaghetti approach…simply take various actions and see what turns out to be good. To trust and dance with the flow.

Love and creation,

7 April: The Rarr


So today’s card is the Rarr. And the phrase from the guidebook that seems particularly appropriate is:

A Rarr in your cards encourages you to be especially attentive to what you are doing with your energy and intentions.

This is a bit of a continuation on yesterday’s theme, following through on plans. I suppose that there are two ways of going through life one is paying attention and the other is just mindlessly flowing. And I think that it is a mistake to exclusively do either, the trick is to try and find the balance. Obviously paying attention is essential and helps us to notice the wayposts along the journey but sometimes just getting on the boat and drifting down the river can help us too.

But for now, it seems that it is not time to go with the flow but to rather choose my path with a specific intent and pay attention on it.

Love and intention,

6 April : Indi


Today Indi is looking at me rather soulfully, asking me to just follow through. I don’t even need to make the decisions just take the follow through.

My to-do list is there and just needs doing, instead of procrastinating.

So I’m off.

Lots of love,


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