31 January 2015: Sylvanius (Reversed)


This morning’s faery is Sylvanius. He always speaks of the need to be truthful about who I really, truly am. Today I think he is speaking to me about the need to have the courage to simply be who I am. To dare greatly by simply being me. He also reminds me to make sure that I am not confusing another person’s baggage with my own, and to be careful about taking offense when absolutely none was intended.

Love and truth,

30 January 2015: The Topsie Turvets

Hello again,

I was naughty and did not do a faery card reading yesterday. (I did one the day before while the power and internet were down.) I will get round to transcribing my hand written blog post soon.

The interesting thing is for two cards in a row the chaotic little topsie turvets have come to visit me. They love it when I am over extended, but they remind me to not neglect the important things to still take care of myself and remember my limits. To have fun in the chaos to go with the flow but to try and keep some semblence of organized chaos.

They also remind me to expect the unexpected and watch the world with wonder so that I am able to see magic.

Love and chaos,

27 January 2015: Lys of the Shadows

I have decided to facrmake time for drawing a daily faery card since it is an easy way for me to connect with my spirituality and spiritual involvement is one of the therapeutic lifestyle changes that can be made to improve the quality of life.

So this morning before the power went down and took the internet with it I drew a faery card. I was surprised that Lys of the Shadows had come to visit me because she usually only comes when I am having a rough time and I am not at the moment.

So when I asked her about it, she spoke of the importance of looking for the light while we are in the good space, to create a store of good memories that we can draw on in darker times. She spoke of the facts that small actions can have big consequences.

As the patron faery of social workers, Lys is very aware of the importance of the social in social work. And that we are all responsible for creating social connection. She spoke about creating authentically safe spaces where people can come and pour their heart out without fear of judgement. Where there truly is a judgement free space. A space where they will be truly listened while the listener does not try to fix them, or the situation.

She spoke of unconditionally given help and unconditionally received help. She said that this important because we are all here trying to find our way and sometimes we just need someone to help us look for the light.

Love and social faery blessings,

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