28 November: Lys of the Shadows

Good morning,

This is my first post using a smartphone so I apologise for any typos. I am curious to see how it differs from my other posts, but onwards.


This morning Lys has come to visit me, and I am a bit confused about her popping in. You see, she generally turns up when I am having a tough time, which is not so much the case this time.

Lys has just told me that she is checking up on me and making sure that I am taking care of myself and not burning out. She also is reminding me that it is the small things that matter too.

And love is very powerful, even in very small doses.

Love and taking care,


25 November: The Master Maker

Good morning,

There are lots of little projects that are starting to get moving in my life, and so the Master Maker’s appearance is incredibly timely. He reminds me that the size of the project does not matter what matters is doing the work, with love and raising my skill level along the way.

Love and creating,

24 November: Unity

Good morning,

Today I have managed to draw a morning faery card. YAY! It’s been a while since I have managed. My little one is sitting next to me watching the telefishion (a.k.a the fish tank). And this morning the Singer of Unity is talking (singing) to me about how everything is connected. There are lots of things that I want to be creating and Unity is reminding me that doing all of these things are connected, and to just start and remember that everything will come together as a big jigsaw.

Unity is also reminding me that I need to be more gentle and not be so damn demanding of myself and other people in my life. Unity reminds me that it is okay to miss a beat and then pick up the music again and continue with the dance (Just dance, everything will be okay… it might even be great!)

Love and connections,

21 November: Geeeeooo the Slooow

Good morning,

My mind is fulled with lots of thoughts and ideas and racing, racing, racing superfast. Geeeooo is telling me that while this is great, it would be a good idea to pick one idea and focus and just put in the incremental work that needs to be done. Like the rest of his fellow help line troupe members he is very much about all the small things that accumulate into a life time’s traces.

Love and sustainability,

19 November: Gawatcha!

This is a familiar challenger. Gawtcha is reminding me to not get lost in my own swamp of emotions and to actually see things as they truly are. He encourages some perspective taking and just breathing reminding me that if I am off balance I am much easier to trick, and while others might help the trick along it is up to me about whether I fall into the trap or not.

Gawatcha is also something of the anti drama triangle faery reminding me that I need to remember that it is not all about me and that sometimes I just need to roll with the punches. Being aware, being compassionate but not taking everything that happens in the universe too personally.

Love and perspective,

18 November – The Sage

Time has flown. It has been over a year since I last posted.

Today I drew The Sage, he is a wise shaman who counsels compassion in all actions. He is a powerful force of stability but not stagnation. At the moment I am figuring out how I am going to work at raising my child and birth my business.

The sage counsels patience but not as an excuse for inaction.

So now, I need to just figure out what steps I need to take before I am ready and just start.

Love and continuation,


Update: 19 November

The Sage also speaks of Wisdom (with the capital “W”) so it was interesting when I encountered an article yesterday afternoon that spoke of the universal characteristics of wisdom:

“All across the world, we have an implicit notion of what a wise person is.” The traits of the wise tend to include compassion and empathy, good social reasoning and decision making, equanimity, tolerance of divergent values, comfort with uncertainty and ambiguity. And the whole package is more than the sum of the parts, because these traits work together to improve life not only for the wise but also for their communities.
~ Jonathan Ruach in the Real roots of the midlife crisis


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