31 October: G Hobyah

First off: Hooray!  At the beginning of October I set myself the goal of doing a faery card a day for every single day and I made it. Yay!

Now, onto today’s Faery Oracle card. I asked the Oracle where I am at the moment and I drew G. Hobyah, this morning I weighed myself and I am the heaviest that I have ever been which is a bit of a downer, logically I know that part of the reason that I have picked up the weight is because of the anti-anxiety medications that I am. Of course, the other part of it is the fact that I have not been eating the best diet and I have not been exercising. The thing with Mr. Hobyah, is he likes to make things seem out of proportion, he is the Faery who challenges us when we get on the scale to only see the negative and to spiral down into fears, he is the faery who will whisper, it’s all down hill from here. He draws our attention to our fears and anxieties and it is our challenge to look at them and see them as they really are.

Brian Froud has said of this faery:

He exists only through the collection of our fears. The Hobyah thrives on fears, getting stronger and stronger until we face him. He is a shame — a tiny fear blown all out of proportion — and the smallest positive thought will banish him.

Love, truth and courage,

30 October: The Friends

Today’s Faeries’ Oracle card is the Friends. This card represents listening and the mutualism of friendships. Friendships are relationship where each person gives and gives in return, what is given is not necessarily equal but it is whole hearted. Quite often, we are encouraged to hold back, to make sure that the balance sheet is equal, but that’s not how life works. Life is not an accounting equation, life is about people, and people are far more magical and complex than numbers can ever be.

Love and listening,


29 October: Ekstasis

Today’s Faeries’ Oracle card is Ekstasis, the Singer of Joy. The presence of this card is always amazing, but especially so on a Monday morning when I was stressing about whether or not I am on the right path.  Of course, the song is far too big to be heard by our ears but our souls can hear it.

There’s not much that I can add to this statement in the Faeries Oracle guidebook:

This card in a reading says, among other things, go for it! It confirms that we are on course, moving in a good direction, and that we are in harmony with the great song. It says great joy and great accomplishment are within your reach. Its song also lights up and empowers the cards around it, healing the past, intensifying the moment, enlightening the future.

Love and happiness,

28 October: The UnDressing of a Salad

Today’s Faeries’ Oracle card is Adroito the faery of doing amazing new things. Things that seem impossible. We are taught to be afraid of failure, but failure is not something to be afraid of. Mistakes are the best thing that can happen to us, mistakes are what allow us to discover amazing new paths. Mistakes are what allow us to do amazing new things. Adroito is juggling lots of balls, just like we do in life. And just like we do, sometimes we drop the balls, sometimes those balls turn out to be rotten eggs, but other times they are our hopes and dreams and our potentials that we did not realize we had, until they opened when they hit the ground.

This is the faery guide and guardian who reminds us that it’s okay to fall out of balance every once in a while.

Love and juggling,

27 October: Indi

Today’s Faeries’ Oracle card is Indi. The forlorn faery challenger who holds two alternatives in his hands yet is afraid to commit to either in case he misses out on something. The important to remember about decisions is that they can be unmade. It is possible to change a path at a later stage and so it is always better to make a decision and revel in the journey that you are in.

Often we think that there is only one right way, and that making a decision commits us to a future course of action, and so we stay where we are afraid to commit. And by doing so, we miss out on the beauty of the journey.

If we are stuck sometimes the best thing that we can do is simply take a step forward. If we don’t know where we want to go then it doesn’t matter which direction we take that step in. However, if we know where we would like to end up we should take the next step that will take us to where we want to be.

Love and journeying,

26 October: The Singer of Healing

Today’s Faeries’ Oracle card is the Singer of Healing.  When I look at this card I am struck by the fact that the Singer is opening up to the universe, extending their wings and energies. This imagery makes a great deal of sense because when I am hurt I have a tendency to retract myself into myself and pull in making myself as tiny as I can. However, that is not who I am meant to be.

I am an expansive person, I talk with my hands and I jump up and down. I generally don’t keep my enthusiasm rationed.

When we allow ourselves to truly hear the Song of Healing we open up and let go of the hurts that we are holding onto. We are able to take the lessons and become bigger, we become the person that we are meant to be.  Filling our hole in the Universe.

Love and healing,

25 October: The Singer of Courage

Today, I just asked the Faeries’ Oracle about what I needed to be aware of, and I drew the Singer of Courage. A gentle reminder that I have been brave for the past couple of days and that I have deep reserves of courage that I am able to draw on.

If you turn the Singer of Courage on it’s side, it looks like a bow shooting from an arrow. Often, that is what courage is. It is taking aim, a deep breath, and just letting go. I’ve noticed though that courage is contagious. One person’s bravery inspires another, and so on. An example of this is the I heart my body campaign. (I wrote a post about it on my other blog)

Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook:

Please do not feed the fears.

But it’s important to remember that courage doesn’t always require big actions. Little things count just as much, if not more so.  The other day I saw a beautiful quote by Mary Anne Radmacher reminding us of that:

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.

I leave you today with the wise words of Jessica Macbeth in the starter reading, where she says:

Most people have decided by the age of three or four what they must do in order to survive. From this decision, this belief about how the world is, most of our fears and self-limitations grow. Have we the courage to discover and break through these limiting beliefs, awaken to greater possibilities, and go for our objectives?

We need to transcend our fears and accept the gift of courage.

Love and courage,


24 October: The Green Woman

I’m not progressing as fast as I would like with some things, so today, I asked the Faeries’ Oracle whether I was on the right track and I drew the Green Woman. This card happens to be the next card in the sequence after the Master Maker, and today, this number has some significance, showing that sometimes you just need to take the first step and then the second one, and then a third step, and so on and so forth.

The Green Woman is also about planting and things that grow. In some ways I’m a bit of a freak, I don’t watch the news and I try to avoid negative television and movies. This is a recent decision but this shift has helped me a great deal. Because, we see the world through a filter of perspective, and by avoiding negative things, my perspective has shifted and become far more positive and gentle.

So the message today is to take care of my garden, plant and tend to what I want to grow and uproot what I don’t want to grow.

Love and gardens,

23 October: The Master Maker

I’m still in a bit of a funk, and I’m feeling the slightest bit lost, and so, today, I asked the Faeries’ Oracle what I should be doing to get back on track, and I drew the Master Maker.

This member of the Sidhe, reminded me that it’s very simple, I just need to get my focus on and get down to business. Still do the silly little other administrative tasks that need to be done, but just focus on learning my craft and creating. Increasing my skill every step of the way.

Love and apprenticeship,

22 October: The Pook

Today’s Faeries’ Oracle card, was the faery challenger,the Pook. His challenge to us is that we should wake up and stop projecting our fears, insecurities and confusions onto reality. The resolution to getting stuck is simply doing things. One step at a time, focusing on focusing rather than on fear of not getting stuck in the grey cycle of anxiety and to-do lists.

The world is filled with different colours, and colours are much more exciting than monochrome.

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