9 May 2016: The Laume

Hello dear ones,

It has been a while since I posted here. It has been a while since I have drawn an oracle card, but a friend on Facebook prompted me to do so when she shared her Oracle Card for the day.

Today’s card is The Laume. And since I have no idea where my guidebook is I need to listen and trust. Firstly the Laume is one of the Faery Guides and Guardians. Secondly, looking at the card while there is a lot that is going underneath, The Laume knows that sometimes we just need to sit and be. Completely and totally accepting of everything that is going on. Acknowledge the storms that have battered our wings, and then give time and rest a chance to work their magic with hopeful healing light.

The Laume talks of unconditional being, unconditional giving and unconditional acceptance…of not being a matyr but acknowledging our interconnectedness and the firm grounding that we achieve from those in our past.

I am going to listen to her wisdom…and accept the unconditional healing.

Love and healing,


26 November: The Topsy Turvets

Good morning,

Today’s faeries are the Topsy Turvets these are the faeries who are upside down and sideways.

They are attracted to chaotic energy but today they are telling me to create simplicity out of chaos.

Love and simplicity,

21 November: She of the Cruach

Good morning,


She of the Cruach by Brian Froud

Today’s faery is She of the Cruach, the Singer who is associated with creativity and bringing things into being.

The act of creation comes with risk, and it is sometimes tempting to avoid bringing things into the world became what if other people don’t like it. But the cost of not bringing things into the world is to live incompletely.

Love and creativity,

20 November: The Journeyman


Today’s faery is the Journeyman… and he is reminding me about the progression towards mastery. That the most important thing is to simply keep focus and keep moving forward.

Love and progress,

19 November: The Dark Lady


Today’s faery is the Dark Lady, one of the Sidhe and she reminds us about the power of endings. That every ending is a beginning and making clear decisions, acting on them, following through and then having fully lived in them, letting the experiences and past moments go.

Love and transition,

17 November: The Pook

Today the Pook is reminding me to see things the way that they truly are…because seeing things truly is the first step towards compassion.

Love and kindsight,

18 November: The Green Woman (Reversed)

Good morning,

Today’s faery is the Green Woman upside down and the message that she has for me is that you cannot rush natural growth… you clear the garden, plant and tend to the seeds and young plants but you cannot force them to grow faster.

Love and patience,

16 November: Epona’s Wild Daughter

Hello computer,

Yesterday when I drew my card was Dorcha again I let out a sigh. She and I have a positive relationship but her  appearance always means that I have work to do.

The first step in solving any problem is to define it…Epona’s Wild Daughter tells us that the answers are within ourselves.

My biggest challenge at the moment is to figure out what I want to achieve and how I am going to get there.

I don’t have the answers but I do have the question and that is a start.

Love and questions,

13 November: The Sage


This morning I drew a faery card and it was the Sage, but I have not had the chance to write about it until nearly 12 hours later…because life happens sometimes. The Sage represents wisdom and “One of the keys of wisdom is to organize, integrate and simplify one’s thoughts. ”

It’s something that I have been struggling with…my thoughts are scattered and spread all over the place and tend to jump from tangent to tangent.

So even though the Sage is not a Faery Challenger, I think that in this case he is challenging me to stop and organize my thoughts.

Love and wisdom,

12 November: The Fairy who was kissed by the Pixies

Good morning,

Today’s faery is the Faery who was kissed by the Pixies and she is all about love.

It takes perfect people to have perfect love.  But we, imperfect as we all are, may have many loves — each one perfect for who we are and what we need now.
…it is true that having an open heart,  being willing to love and be loved, makes us vulnerable to loss and grief. But once a heart is truly and fully open, even the deepest grief becomes bittersweet, like dark chocolate, and there is no pain that is not balanced by the greater joy of love.

It takes courage to love without conditions and to love while being properly centered within ourselves.

While it is a challenge, I think that it will be worth it.


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